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And like any well-intentioned plan…

August 19, 2010

…it didn’t take long for this one to hit the skids. It’s all well and good to have a concept, a plan, and a passion for something, but in the absence of capital that’s all you have. And so that’s all that I have. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t going to happen, it just means that it’s going to take a lot longer than it might have.

On the plus side, my employment situation has changed and I’m spare the indignity of a daily automobile commute. Quite apart from the complicated issue of job satisfaction, it’s a win to have 90 minutes of my life back everyday. What was once a 45-minute one-way slog in a metal box, is now a dreamy 3 mile bike ride along Lake Union. It so short and easy that I ride in my work clothes because I won’t break a sweat on the way in. Getting to ride my bike like this, every single workday rain or shine, makes me happy and nicer to be around (if my spouse is to be believed). The new job, well… meh. It’s a job. I have coworkers that I don’t dislike, and a lot of autonomy which suits me given my “issues with authority”, and the work doesn’t suck but it doesn’t feed any of my needs beyond the material. So, in short, it’ll do for now. Until I get “the idea” off the ground, anyway.

Like any new toy…

March 18, 2010

You’ve got to play with all the features… Before you break it into pieces to see how it works, anyway.

“Zumpano arrivato!”

March 18, 2010

This here is a blog like no other. King Size. Deluxe. Performance.

Seriously, it’s a blog like any other:  Hey, you have to start somewhere. It’s not like NYC Bike Snob came into the world, fully-formed. This is really just a placeholder as the rest of the my business empire congeals into being. What’s that you say? What exactly IS this awesome, mostly okay, average at best business scheme, you ask? I’m SO glad you did. It goes like this:

After slowly dissolving my mind and body in the acid of the videogame business over 14 years, something had to give. I was staring down the barrel of a long dull march to the big dark. So I went on vacation. 3 weeks in Ireland where any number of extraordinary and pedestrian things can happen to someone, sometimes concurrently. We were in Dingle, Co. Kerry. I took some time to myself to find a barber because while I didn’t need a hair cut, my wife needed me to have a haircut and that’s just how these things go sometimes. I wandered up to the high street, in no great hurry as you can imagine, and had the mop attended to. Freshly shorn and on my way I soon encountered “Foxy John’s Bar Hardware Bicycles”. And thus a spark appeared in the gloom… Only I didn’t know it yet. I had to endure another deathmarch development crunch before the seed of my epiphany bore fruit…

(to be continued… eventually)


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